Dear Friend,
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Do you worry about...

Language -- When you do purchase by foreign language , if fell so difficult to communicate?
Habit -- Do you acquaint with custom and commerce habit of China?
Trust -- For confirm the good quality , you maybe change so many factory to find the one's trust degree is high , did you find it?
Suppliers -- Lots of suppliers in China , when you seek the supplier one by one , the procurement costs is raised , do you want to change?
Discrepancy -- When you check the item of the picture of kind and on-line pitch don't agree with of time, how did you clinch?
Abroad -- When you purchase some kinds of products , do you feel so difficult about unitized cargo and transport ?
Distance -- When your purchase of the item appear some problem, and your country far away form China , Do you feel a perplexity?

Mr Lee is Engaged in the catering industry in singapore,he ordered lots of restaurant equipment in 2009 ,first he has find many supplier to consulting products ,but he changed his idea after he find our website: ,because there are all products he want ,and he need not to worry about the shipping,he very pleased to find the web site ,and called us ,he tell us he have never find so many products in one place ,it is more than on exhibition

Another our client ,in turkey ,he take part carton fair in 2010,at the end of exhibition ,he has not find the products he wants,then he find us ,we have take him to visit the factory ,find more better products to him

Shentop's service

Foshan Shunde Shentop Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde District, Foshan City of China, specializing in hotel equipment and commercial equipment. Shunde is the "capital of global electrical appliances". Our company will undertake the sacred mission to let consumers buy better products with less money.
Shentop is the most professional hotel equipment and commercial equipment supplier. Every hotel equipment or restaurant equipment you want is available here. We are a never-ending Canton Fair. We are striving for integrating resources, to make sure the clients can purchase any electrical at the same place quickly and conveniently.
Great people are with great values. We are a dedicated, diligent, pragmatic and enterprising association. With passion for customers, partners and companions, accountable for commitments and results, we are striving for the goal of "Self critical, questioning, and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement". We do our utmost to create more values for the society with great improvement and adaptability.

Success stories with our customer

A customer from Canada

My name is Harmony Ng. I work in Shentop Information Technology Co., Ltd. more than 1 year.
On 16th January 2011, I got a new message from trade manager, a man called Benjamin said he is going to start a store , it is a beverage store full of Chinese culture, so he chose many electric equipments such as cake showcase , cold drink machine, ice machine and so on, through the good communication ,we have established a perfect relationship between us, just like a family member, I call him brother, and he call me sister, he believe me and I help him all my best.
After we confirm all the electric equipments , there is something happened, that is the machines enter into Canada, must be have the CSA certification, most of the machines have CE but not the CSA, so our deal have to cancel , my brother Benjamin feels very sorry to me ,but to be truth , in this case, I have a big harvest that is I get to know more our products and the most important is I got a brother, a true friendship ,and it is my honest to help him although has this accident.
At last ,Benjamin chose other chairs and cups from me ,and he came to China in April, he keep in touch with me all the days,we became good friends just like family, and we sure we can cooperation in the future.

this is the letter which Benjamin send to me:
Dear Miss Harmony,
Thank you for all the help you have given me with my business purchase in china.
I especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the contacts you have shared with me. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process.
Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your help.
I am looking forward to have another chance to do business with you and your company again.
Best Regards,
----- Benjamin

A customer from Brazil

First Many thanks to I believe that is the most useful and efficient B2C website since I know. We learned about from the Internet by chance. At the very beginning, we were stranger of and we look few photographs of products to know ShenTop services, than send a email to the supplier. To our surprise, we got quickly and quite answers from ShenTop, Now we are loyal customer for last 2 Years and it help us purchase so many kind of goods and more inquires and benefits.
If you are interested in ShenTop products, please feel free to contact them.
Thanks to and Good business ShenTop! We appreciate ShenTop profitable services.

A customer from Greece

I believed internet is a world of scams and so is the online marketing sources; but 2009 has inverse my whole perception. I never expected I would gain such a wonderful volume of business through online marketing. Going for online b2c marketing - ( has requirement my demand and now I can rely on this for my business growth. I think I must share my experience with you guys and who knows my terrific experience convulses your doubts and misconceptions too!
Let us begin with the intro of my company. Our company was formerly imported products from around the world, in this period, we encountered many problems and trouble,including the price , the delivery time, theafter-sale service, and so on, meanwhile our customer fewer and fewer...
In 2009, I came across few researches which showed the power of online marketing. I was half-convinced and was still pestered by so many doubts. However; I finally decided to give it a try.I chose lots of b2c platforms, short listed and started reviewing them. I was too cautious so I didn't get misled by their enticing words. Finally; ShenTop won my trust. It is one-stop chinese supplier , the most professional B2C market , they can offer whatever you want, and the most competition ability of nucleus is his service, with their aidance , we won good reputation from Clients due to reasonable price, rapid delivery time and good after-sale service. The trading volume has been up to 2000 tons last year; which is no doubt a remarkable business generated through leads from ShenTop.
Success & Growth does not come through any magic lamp! We need to strive hard for that; but smartly. And if you are lucky to get a trusted partner then life becomes easy. In the beginning I did to encounter some difficulties when I was following their guidelines perfectly; but as soon as I did everything the way they guided; everything got smooth. I pay all thanks to their support staff that always helped me in time and took my each concern as their own.
Now the road to fruitful journey seems rather clear so without any reluctance. We plan to take good advantage of ShenTop to get more clients, to reveal our advantage, and to achieve better grades. I have found a place for thriving future and am sure you guys can also experience the same.

This was my first time doing business directly with a company in China

Dear Ling,
Good day to you. I hope you are ok.
I have received the final carton with the refrigerator. It arrived safely and in good condition.
The equipment have not been plugged up yet. My business is delayed a bit, because of some construction difficulties. It should be completed soon.
I wish to thank you for your kind assistance in processing my order. The language barrier was a bit challenging and frustrating; but I appreciated your understanding and cooperation, even when I was frustrated.
I am sure that you will learn more about the Caribbean, and the best ways to ship to St Vincent and the rest of the region, via Panama or Trinidad or Miami.
I will be happy to do business with your company in the future. However, I wish that shipping time could be much shorter.
This was my first time doing business directly with a company in China , and I was very worried about the long wait. But everything worked out in the end; except for the drinks machine.
Please send me an updated catalogue of all the products your company trades in. I may be interested in purchasing other equipment in the future.
With kind regards.

hank you for the excellent customer services you rendered to me

Dear Ling,
I am glad to hear that you have sent the machine to Tina.
Thank you for the advise, I will pay attention to the instructions. I think the technicians in my country take good care of the machines.
I hope that the corn mills will perform very well so that I can make more orders.
Thank you once more for the excellent customer services you rendered to me. I really appreciate your help.
Best Regards

You are my angel

Dear xandy
hello , how are you ? very sorry for my late , I read your kindly letter and enjoy it , you are not selfishness, you are my angel. as i told you i did this job with chines suppliers a few years but it is the first time that i find a very very human and good friend like you. and all the persons that i talked with them just think about job and job. you are a realy human whit very clear heart that love to help to everybody in the world .
I think god sent you that show to people that there is the god,s messenger on the earth for peace and friendly.I am honor to know you.
my angel , i am out of town yet and i have not alibaba trade manager in my PC to talk with you . i read your dream many time and enjoy it
tack care yourself my angel