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Hot pot Restaurant--one-stop solution from Shentop

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Dear Shentop's Valued client,

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Are you looking to start a hotpot restaurant business?

Shentop can help you every step of the way.
Low cost set ups available. Looking to start up quickly?
No problem! From Small to Large, our hotpot restaurant are ergonomically designed to maximize your profit.
Give us a call today to find out more!

Our designers and builders have a range of experience in the food industry and
have great knowledge of Bubble Tea.
We can quickly design something bespoke or stick to a tight budget.
We will be happy to help with any project!


Hotpot table JDT015 Hotpot table JDT032 KFC sofa JDT036 Restaurant deck sofa
Banquet chair Induction cooker Hot pot cooker ShenTop Shabu Pot

Shentop Meat slicer

semi-automatic slicer  Automatic meat slicer Meatballs Hollander
Meatball machine Meat Grinder(12 ") Ice Blender STS-888 Cup sealer ZY-QF08
Commercial Refrigerator Freezer worktable Salad Bar SCL3 Beverage Showcase
Fruit cabinet Cake Display cabinets Gas|electric steamer Gas|electric steamer
Stainless steel steamer Intestinal powder furnace Two layers SS dining car wine cart Desert trolleys
Ice maker Lntelligent Water Boilers SS Milk tea barrels large commercial cooker

Storage Rack

Shentop Rinse Table SS western small spoon Ceramic Tablewares Set
The most professional electric B2C market

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. By offering you China's largest one stop shopping platform for commercial equipment, we hope we can satisfy all your needs, such as corporate culture exchange, entrepenuerial experiences and insights, hotel merchandise,lobby equipment commercial electronics, wine cellar inquiries. Please feel free to visit more at our website.

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We hope you enjoy our service. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us
by service@shentop.net

Yours Sincerely,
Shentop Team (Asia)

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