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How to Set Up a Candy Buffet

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How to Set Up a Candy Buffet



How to Set Up a Candy Buffet

Candy buffets have become increasingly popular for weddings and other catered events because they give the room a creative, fun look, and they give the guests a chance to create their own favors. The key to setting up a candy buffet is in the presentation of the candy, including the color of the candy, the dishes used to display the candy, and the overall decor of the table.

Calculate the amount of candy you need. Allow for each guest to take about 4 oz., or ? cup of candy each, so multiply the number of guests you are expecting by 4 to determine the total number of ounces you need to buy. Purchase a little extra in case some guests take more than 4 oz.

Purchase a variety of candy in bulk. Choose candy that matches your party colors or theme, but don't be afraid to mix in accent colors as well.

Purchase a variety of glass bowls, vases, jars or even martini and margarita glasses to hold the candy. Buy large serving spoons, tongs or candy scoops based on the type of candy you buy. Wash all items thoroughly before using them.

Arrange the candy and containers on a table at home to practice how you want it displayed at the party. Once you have finalized the setup, draw a picture of how you want the candy arranged as a reference when you are setting up the candy buffet on your big day, or take a digital photo of your practice setup.

Use a computer to design labels for the guests' bags. Measure the length and width of the coffee bag, then design labels thanking each guest for attending your special day. Print the tags and glue them on the bags with a glue stick.

Decorate the containers and serving utensils with ribbon in colors that match your theme.

Fill the various vessels with candy before the event.


Tips & Warnings
To add dimension to the candy buffet, place the containers on boxes of different heights. Cover the boxes in wrapping paper that coordinates with your theme.