Do you suffer from finding the products you want in China everytime?

Hard to find all products that you want

Are you worried about how to purchase so lots of different products? Do you want to buy all products from one place , because your shop need lots of products, but some time you can not find all products in a factory , so you maybe have to take part different exhibition , and visit different factories , but hard to find all products you want ,because you only see parts of products ,not all ,there are lots of factory and products has not take part exhibition , so you can not find them.

Tired to visit the factory

China is the world's manufacturing center, there are lots of factories, which supplier will you choose when you see, sometimes you only see 1-3 products in one products ,but you need various products for your shop, if you want visit all products , you have to visit more than 10 or 20 or more factory , are you fell tired? Usually it is a long distance between different factory, so it is very inconvenience to visit factory , and by bus of tax from here to there , do you feel tired?More worse ,you are not familiar for the way,do you feel tired?

Waste lots of time

In our business , time is money and profit . When you take parts exhibition , do you feel cost your lots of time ? Do you calculate the time when you take part exhibition or visit factory ? And if you plan one week to visit factory , you have to spend two days on road , other time in other things , it means there is little time to talk about the products.

Waste lots of money

If you want to buy lots of different kinds of products , you have to visit different exhibition or lots of factories , so you need to cost lots of money when you on road , especially when you on abroad , do you feel you have to cost money any time , it like running water , do you want to saving these money , if there is a agent help you to find all products , why not you do ?

Tired to participate canton fair, or exhibition

Are you still hesitate for participation exhibitions? There are lots of exhibitions every year,do you rush about for the exhibition? Do you feel tired for participation exhibitions, because it is far from the road, and need lots of exit procedures, are you tired? Do you often participation exhibition, but there is little harvest ,because you are not satisfaction for the products, you are very expect to take it , but disappointed to back.

Taken for a cheat

Except money time , what other do you worry about , I think the biggest reason is you are not familiar with the local market and culture. Do you worry about will be deceived ,and you have not initiative to defend.

Can't find the products you want , come away empty

It is waste lots of time and money ,do you want to cost lots of money and spend lots of time ,but you have not find the products, and come away empty as our customer , if you choose the products on web site first ,then decide will to visit the factory ,it will be better

Mr Lee is Engaged in the catering industry in singapore,he ordered lots of restaurant equipment in 2009 ,first he has find many supplier to consulting products ,but he changed his idea after he find our website:,because there are all products he want ,and he need not to worry about the shipping,he very pleased to find the web site ,and called us ,he tell us he have never find so many products in one place ,it is more than on exhibition.

Another our client ,in turkey ,he take part carton fair in 2010,at the end of exhibition ,he has not find the products he wants,then he find us ,we have take him to visit the factory ,find more better products to him.

Worry about how To transport

Regarding about the shipping, it is a big problem to transport all products from different city,may you order some products in Shanghai ,and some in Guangzhou ,how do you together these products in one place,and you are not familiar with shipping company ,most of time,you have to cost more money to shipping products ,more worse ,there are many export process , you do know how to do it ,if you have an agent ,you will not worry about it.

Shentop's Service

Foshan Shunde Shentop Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde District, Foshan City of China, specializing in hotel equipment and commercial equipment. Shunde is the "capital of global electrical appliances". Our company will undertake the sacred mission to let consumers buy better products with less money.
Shentop is the most professional hotel equipment and commercial equipment supplier. Every hotel equipment or restaurant equipment you want is available here. We are a never-ending Canton Fair. We are striving for integrating resources, to make sure the clients can purchase any electrical at the same place quickly and conveniently.
Great people are with great values. We are a dedicated, diligent, pragmatic and enterprising association. With passion for customers, partners and companions, accountable for commitments and results, we are striving for the goal of "Self critical, questioning, and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement". We do our utmost to create more values for the society with great improvement and adaptability.

Who Need Us

Our clients are All over the world,our main markets include Eroupe North America and Oceania Asia ,our main clients include business client ,as open restaurant,hotel,chain shop,if you want to buy different products from one place ,if you want to save money ,if you want save time ,choose Shentop .I Believe!

Somebody We Helped

I have make 2 orders from shentop .they supply good service ,can supply all products to my shop,especially kitchen equipment and restaurant equipment ,we need not worry about the shipping ,so i can save worry ,i am rest aeeured.

I will open a new tandoor tikka house in canada ,and need lots of kitchen equipment,refrigerator equipment,and many Tableware,first i find lots of supplier in Beijing ,Xiamen ,Shanghai ,and Guangzhou ,it is very inconvenient for me to shipping ,i do not know how to transport ,until i find shentop. He can supply me all products include furniture ,and can find shipping company for me ,so i changed all supplier ,and talked with shentop,it is a good web site.

I plan to open a new sushi restaurant in canada ,i have never buy products from china ,i want to find a supplier can supply all products ,because it can save lots of money and time ,i need not to cost my time to talk with lots of supplier,shentop is a good web site,i have order all products include close.

I am trader in unit kingdom,i have make business with chinese many times ,but it is the first time with shentop in 2009,they are good ,i like cooperate with them ,they can supply all products i need, and make 3 order from them ,they are a new company,good service.

I have open a coffee shop in Ecuador,because there are include different industries products ,it is hard to find in one place ,but i find it in shentop,i like shentop brand 6. I have engaged in trade in food machinery industry.

I find shentop in alibaba ,first i have not find dough mixer i need ,but when i talked to shentop ,they tell me can find this one ,it is a good news ,they have lots of products ,we can find any products,it is convenient.

I have open a restaurant in finland,my wife had visit shentop on may 2010,there are A group of passionate people ,they are passion.

I have opend 6 restaurant in singapore ,and i find our shentop ,there are all products i want ,so he called us and buy all products from our company.

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